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Gifted & Talented

Eanes TAG Association
information about the Eanes (near Austin, Texas) ISD Talented & Gifted Association

Austin Association for Gifted and Talented
contact persons in the Austin (Texas) Gifted & Talented Association

San Antonio TAG Association
a contact person for the San Antonio Talented & Gifted Association

Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented
over 8000 members, the largest gifted advocacy group in the world

Texas Education Consumers Association
an advocacy group for quality education, based in Ft. Worth

starTAG Bibliography
list of books and articles for parents of talented / gifted kids

Foreign Language Camps
list of summer camps in North America where kids can learn foreign languages

starSeven Kinds of Intelligence
psychologist Howard Gardner lists different intelligences

TexasTAG Mailing List
mailing list for Texas TAG families. Click here to go to the subscription and archive page.

TAGFAM Mailing List
mailing list for families with TAG kids. To join, send e-mail with the text "sub tagfam"

Gifted Resources Home Page
links to other gifted resources.

The Flynn Effect
average IQ test scores keep increasing. Why are people getting smarter?


Texas Education Agency Documents

Texas Education Agency Rules
TEA rules mandating education for gifted and talented in Texas public schools

Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted / Talented Students
what Texas public schools are required to do for G/T kids

Question and Answer on Advanced Placement
your kids can place out of college courses while in high school, saving them time and you money. Specific Texas information

Distinguished Achievement Program
information from the Texas Education Agency

International Baccalaureate
high school enrichment program information for Texas parents


Misc. K-12 Topics

Eanes Education Foundation
a tax-exempt foundation promoting excellence in the Eanes Independent School District.

The Debate Team
thinking about joining the debate team at your high school? Here are some facts you may not know, from a team member.

the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society.

If I Had
a poem for parents...past, present and future

All the Good Things
can one teacher make a difference?


Misc. Higher Ed Topics

Semester at Sea
For undergrads. Links to alumni web pages.

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